por Vigo Pesqueiro

The port of vigo is reaching in the month of september, one of its best figures of cruisers. The week of 17 to 23th of october, has been the most advantageous of the year, with about 23.000 passengers soaking into our city

This has been posible thanks to the arrival of large scale ships as the Independence of the seas, the biggest cruiser of the world not long ago.
The azura, the ventura, the navigator of the seas or the queen victoria are some of the most beautiful paqueboats that have arrived last weeks or are going to in the following months to complete a notable exercise.

Projects like the one to become the first port of Spain able to provide liquified natural gas (GNL) to the cruisers while they are docking, contribute to relaunch our position in a more competitive market every day, where is precise to keep active and offer news not to loss fees.

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