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On Wednesday   25th, we have been with a group from Hungary, and on Thursday 26th, with a group of French students from Bordeaux that were in Vigo on an exchange with pupils from Castelao High School.

Both groups were really interested in visiting the Port of O Berbés,  as they had defined , “the most interesting attraction of Vigo”

When the visit ended, they realised that Vigo does not exist without the Port , and the Port does not exist without Vigo.

They were amazed by the wide range of trades that coexist at the Port, such as “carrexóns”,  the net menders, the forklift  operators, the ship owners , the sailors, and a long etc. Without forgetting the falconers; they go with their Harry’s eagles along the marketplaces  with the purpose of frighten the hundreds of seagulls that are disturbing the download of the fish.

They are thousands of workers that turn Vigo into a city that never sleeps.

It was the first visit for them in Vigo, and we hope it won’t be the last!!

Thanks for trusting us!! köszönet a bizalomért!!

Merci pour la confiance!!

During the “Percorre” tour we visited both markets ,  the coastal and big fishes, and the high sea fish, knowing about the fishes spices, the fishing gears and the fishings grounds.

At the end, we realized that the Galician fleet is working in all the seas of the world.

The perfect culmination of both visits was done by our partner “López Novoa, Pescados y Mariscos” .

We really would like to thanks Jose and Juan, our guides at the seafood nursery, for having shared their time and knowledge with us.

The participants were amazed with the wide variety of spices: lobster, king crabs, edible crabs, etc. It was fantastic to learn how to recognized if they were from Vigo Bay or from outside

…We even have the opportunity to admire the unusual abalones!!

Apart from the nursery pools, we visited the rest of the facilities: the cold and freezing chambers, the cutting plants, the cooking and packing plants. Everything is perfectly organized. That’s the reason why our partner “López Novoa, Pescados y Mariscos” is at the forefront of its sector.

From FUNDAMAR and their Project “Vigo Pesqueiro” we’ll carry on with our aim to introduce our unique and beautiful heritage to our citizens, whatever their nationality,

Would you like to join in?

Here you can have all the information :


610 312 685//e-MAIL: info@vigopesqueiro.com

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